What if we go to recess with a colorful ball?

Abidoral Jamacaru / Flávio Paiva

I want to play with you
Hit the ball, rolling rolling
Hide and seek, bouncing feet
pick the right time to jump

Rolling ball, jumping ball
Bouncing Armadillo
Roll the ball, let me fall,
In the school of tumbling

No one ever wants to stop
With the rhythm of the ball
It bounces like a samba
Like a samba that we like

Oh! what a good game
In the sun, in the rain
At breaktime with the ball
Just the two of us playing around

And I don’t know how to play
But for you I will play
And if you give me a hug
We will play this game for us

  • What a night, Torito!

    Ficha Técnica